Dual Manufacturing Locations

Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, WI

Columbus Chemical Industries currently operates 2 manufacturing and distribution facilities. Our Phoenix, AZ facility was acquired in 1999, expanding CCI’s ability to supply to and support customers in the southwest and west coast regions. CCI’s original hometown of Columbus, WI is still home to our primary facility. Between both facilities, CCI operates over 80,000 square feet of production and warehouse space.

Operational Benefits of Dual Locations

Our Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, WI locations each provide a full range of services including custom chemical blending, packaging, and labeling. Each facility also operates on-site quality control laboratories, DI water production and nitric acid distillation.

Dual locations with similar day-to-day operations provide CCI and our customers strong back up support in the event of emergencies or unplanned situations.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, our training between both facilities is standardized. In the event of either plant providing back up support for the other, similar day-to-day operations between each facility provides staff already equipped with the experience and training necessary to smoothly transition workloads.

Logistical Benefits of Dual Locations

Both our Arizona and Wisconsin facilities provide full warehousing and shipping services. Strategic positioning of inventory for our clients can result in minimization of transit times to a vast majority of the US. This service can be especially critical for clients who have strict limitations on chemical storage and need inventory on tight schedules.

Generic Transit Map

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