Biotechnology Solutions and Buffers

CCI has become a leading international chemical supplier for our biotech customers by providing ultra- pure, custom-blended solutions. Our biotech customers benefit from our dedicated production room used for custom-specific homogenization processes that blend fatty liquids, water, and other proprietary products.

CCI’s willingness to dedicate personnel, equipment and facility resources to the biotech industry has been rewarded with significant growth in this rapidly expanding field.

Biological Buffers

CCI provides the ingredients and supplies required to create biological buffers that are used to maintain consistent pH levels in biotech manufacturing. Our labs can also create these buffers in-house for our customers that require a complete outsourcing solution. Our laboratory is capable of in-house microbial testing and DNase/RNase testing.

Anhydrous Solvents

CCI carries a wide line of USP and ACS grade anhydrous solvents such as acetonitrile, methanol, and isopropanol. CCI’s line of anhydrous solvents can be ordered according to your specifications and are ready to use on delivery.

Custom Blended Solutions

Many of our biotech customers depend on us to blend their proprietary formulations and to plan the most efficient manufacturing, storage, and distribution methods. Our technical team specializes in custom chemical formulation and has the experience and track record to meet or exceed your quality and purity specifications. We are able to package these solutions in sizes ranging from bottles to totes.


CCI has been providing chemical processing solutions for 35+ years. We can help with sourcing, mixing, repackaging, testing and so much more. Contact us today!